Making A House A Home

Taking home décor to an artisanal level

Making A House A Home

By Diane Feen | Photos by Brandon Showers
Originally published in the November 2018 issue of Atlantic Ave Magazine.

Bernard and Stephanie Molyneux have a gift. It’s rooted in home décor but has proliferated into a lifestyle that fits any taste level or preference.

It’s tough out there, but your home should be a bastion of comfort, individuality and style. Though styles can vary from person to person, there’s a real sense of varying adornment that we want to luxuriate in at home. Some want a rustic look, others contemporary, country French, coastal chic or equestrian themed.

That’s the beauty of ACP Home Interiors – they have taken home décor to an artisanal level. There are all types of finishes – one of the most popular being Reclaimed wood with a Grey or White Wash – that create a unique environment.

Not only is the store like a museum for artful furniture, bedding, accessories, wall art, dishware, chandeliers and more, their success has created a new need. “We now have three home-stylists that will go to your home and help you decorate with the new pieces you have purchased. We also do home staging, bringing in furniture and accessories to make your home look beautiful (to sell or live in yourself). We want people to walk into a house or condo and say, ‘Wow, it feels good in here,’” said Stephanie.

It’s the WOW factor that everyone feels when they enter one of the ACP stores (there are four). That’s why they started doing Home Staging – their customers began asking for the service. It seems that the Molyneux decorating touch needed to be shared outside the parameters of the physical ACP structure.

Part of the reason for their design savvy and success is simply history and heritage.

Bernard’s father was in the furniture business in the UK and young Bernard worked with him early on in life. Bernard also designs many of the unique pieces in the stores. Stephanie also comes from a similar patronage. Her mother, Audrey worked at Blum’s of Boca Furniture Store in Boca Raton for 28 years and rose to the rank of Vice President.

Clearly both Stephanie and Bernard know how to create an environment that is cozy and calm, elegant or exciting. Not

only that, you don’t have to wait months for your furniture (as the custom dictates). “You see it – buy it – and we deliver it.

There is no waiting or ordering. That’s why we have new things in our stores every week,” said Stephanie.

They also have furniture and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. “We’ve been to so many furniture stores and never have been in one like this before,” is often heard from customers.

Of course, they haven’t. Who else has French Renaissance Chandeliers (made of wood and iron) or wood ones with Sea Shells that hang majestically from the ceiling? Have you ever seen a three-tiered chandelier with dangling cocoa beads? They have one. How about lamps with handmade Chevron Bone Inlay?

They also have bathroom vanities with textured white wash finish over reclaimed wood with Carrara marble tops, as well as consoles and chests with unique finishes. These pieces are decorative, yet simplistic – modern and modest. When you shop at ACP your home can take on any characteristic or mood. They also have rugs that are indoor/outdoor, cotton, jute and fine hand-knotted wools that are elegant, yet modern.

If your bedroom is your sanctuary, then you are in luck. ACP has all the moveable parts to make it a respite of comfort and class with an upscale touch. They sell designer-inspired linens, chic beds, headboards, pillows and comforters. You want atmosphere? Check out their candles, diffusers, or large framed photographs from the UK that range from a magnificent three-panel white Stallion to a fierce lion with a compassionate gaze.

If you need a house-warming or wedding gift ACP has the perfect item for any age or lifestyle. There are black and white framed photographs of rockers like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles or books that are kitschy yet comforting. You can also get stoneware plates with your initials engraved on them or gorgeous bowls and dishes from Portugal that are dishwasher, oven and freezer compatible.

The Delray ACP Store is legendary in its niche. More of a Coastal feel it has a panache and eclecticism you rarely see. They also sell furniture and accessories that have an Equestrian, Contemporary, French Farmhouse or Industrial style. But one thing is constant in all ACP stores – they are a combination of style with a grand vision. “I am a big fan of simplicity but that simplistic style also has an eclectic component,” adds Stephanie, who is as much a treasure as the items sold in the store.

ACP also has a large, yet historic collection of antique Louis Vuitton trunks that they sell, buy or restore. The Molyneux’s have traveled the world scouting out unique furniture and accessories, as well as Louis Vuitton trunks. Bernard considers them “Jewels from another era.”

With their superb eye for style, design and beauty; ACP stores have become revered and respected for their design savvy and selection of home décor furnishings.

“Our constant goal is to find unique furniture and beautiful accessories to ‘feather your nests.’ It’s our mission to fill the ACP stores with items we would personally have in our own home.”